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Are the Holidays Eating at You All Year Round?

Now that the major holiday season is behind us and all the delicious sweets and treats and large quantities of food have been consumed we can relax a little, right? It’s interesting how over the holidays, even though many of us tend to eat way too many unhealthy foods we are acknowledging the fact and thinking about what we should be eating to be healthier or at least what we shouldn’t be eating. However, when the holiday season passes and we go back to eating our standard diet, are you looking at the foods you eat with such a watchful eye? With all the clever marketing of foods these days it is difficult to know what is good for you and what is not. So here are some general rules to eat by:

  • -Never shop hungry– we tend to make poor food choices when hungry
  • -Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame
  • -Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • -Avoid foods with large numbers of ingredients– if you can’t pronounce a name on the ingredient label, chances are it’s not good for you (found primarily in highly processed foods)
  • -Try to do most of your shopping around the outside perimeter of the grocery store where most of your fresh foods are kept
  • -Buy organic when you can (Look up the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen as a guideline for economical organic eating)
  • -Make sure 70 to 80% of your plate consists of fresh raw or lightly steamed vegetables or fruits
  • -Eat reasonable portion sizes and slow down your eating, if you tend to be the first one done at the dinner table
  • -Drink mostly water and avoid sugary drinks like soda
  • -Take interest in the food you prepare! Learn to prepare healthy foods by reading books or watching cooking programs on healthy cooking!

And remember these two important rules!

  • ~If you put garbage in, what can you expect to glean from it?  You probably guessed it…garbage!
  • ~If you want to be more alive than dead, then eat foods that are more alive than dead!

By following these simple rules you will greatly increase your ability to be healthy and well all year long, especially when the holidays come around again!


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