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With a disease that attacks bone directly, who better to see than a doctor that specializes in structure? Our blog this week comes to us courtesy of

“Arthritis causes disability in many persons. This inflammatory condition decreases the movement and flexibility of the joints of the body. Pain, swelling, and heat at the area are its characteristic signs and symptoms. Many are debilitated by the condition itself. Others require heavy narcotic pain medicine, leaving them unable to function. Chiropractic for arthritis sufferers has many advantages.

It is known by many names, because it has multiple causes and types. Some types are genetic. Some have other causes, and some have causes of unknown origin. Although some are more prevalent in certain gender and age groups, anyone can be affected by this malady.

The most common type in the elderly is osteoarthritis. Osteo is medical term that means bone. In this condition, the joints are simply worn out, and the bones become brittle. It is sometimes called joint disease, or degenerative joint disease. Spontaneous fractures, such as occurs with some hip fractures is not uncommon.

Rheumatism is what many call the rheumatoid type. Autoimmunity disorder may be the causative factor. However, researchers are not really sure of the cause. It affects women more often than men. Red, swollen, and painful joints, especially of the hands, characterize this type.

Another type is fibromyalgia. The cause for it is also unknown. Possible factors in its development may be genetics, physical or emotional stress, or repetitive injuries. It tends to run in families.

Gout is another common type. It is due to an excess of uric acid in the body. It most frequently affects men at puberty, or women at menopause. It can be related to poor nutrition, or other systemic causes. The joint most often affected is the big toe. However, it can affect any joint. It is believed to be genetically associated.

Chiropractors are specialists in both prevention education, and treatment. They provide diet, exercise, and posture instructions. Spinal adjustments, hot and cold therapy, and analgesic therapy may be necessary. This is all possible through chiropractic. Any person who suffers joint symptoms should seek medical and/or chiropractic help. Or, if any desires guidance in effective means to prevent arthritis, a good chiropractor can help.”

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