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Keep Your Knees Healthy when Running in Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado employs some of the best running trails and races in the country. When running those trails it can treacherous and your knees often pay the price. Your knees take the brunt of the weight and pounding during that run, so think about your posture and how you’re running to help safe-guard against damaged knees.

1. Line up your hips, knees, and ankles—with the hips slightly forward–doing this will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed between your joints.

2. Look at the direction your feet are pointing in: do you run turned in or out? Or are you aligned straight? The way that you use your feet affects your knees and whether or not you are causing them to twist. This can cause pain and discomfort if you do not recognize it.

Alignment is key when caring for your knees, and that’s something chiropractor’s can give guidance on. Your body is uniquely put together and requires a trained eye to know when you are out of line. Paying attention to not only posture but alignment wile running can ensure that you will keep running those Colorado trails.

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