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How to Keep Your Fitness Routine Active During Inclement Weather

The floods that have devastated Northern Colorado have been heart-breaking to watch. As the water continues to recede we will begin to see just what has happened to our city and state infrastructure, and with that, come more limits on the use of public spaces and land.

The weekend that the flood hit found Fort Collins residents staying put, as all roads in and out of town, parks, and public walkways closed down. While we have been blessed to have had a minimal amount of damage, we have seen our city be quarantined to specific areas. In these times, the best thing we can do, in any affected area, is to begin to get back to normal life as quickly as possible. Routine is key, and establishing that normalcy as quickly as possible is the best way to begin the healing process.

One routine that you can maintain is that of your physical fitness. We know that it has been hard to get out and walk or run along our beautiful trails, but here are a few ways Fort Collins chiropractors and their clients are getting back on track and keeping their bodies healthy, if a little unintentional:


  • Have a family dance party: We’ve all been feeling down and sad for our friends, but a little laughter is the best way to motivate ourselves and get  our bodies moving again. Put on some silly music, or better yet, make your own with pots and pans, and just start moving! Short bursts of energy and movement are a great way to keep your joints and heart healthy. Want to take it a step further? Get out the camera phone and capture the moment, you’ll love watching it later, and maybe sharing a moment of laughter with your friends in need of a smile.
  • Clean out your closet, and make some donations: We know there are going to be a lot of people needing basic clothing and shelter items. Why not overhaul the house and do some good in the meantime? You don’t realize all the heavy lifting you’re doing when you begin to clean and move stuff around…just be sure to bend from the knees!
  • keep a set of weights around: keeping just a small set of weights available is a great way to keep yourself in shape and your muscles and bones healthy. Do a rep while you’re watching TV or take a 5 minute break to do some static sets. Remember, those minutes add up!


Whatever you do, find time to move throughout the day, even if you can’t get outside.


Keep Northern Colorado in your thoughts as they begin to recover, and Fort Collins chiropractors will do the same!



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