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January Blues

January is here and the holidays are out–often, this emotional change can be a difficult one for people, and we don’t understand why.

Think about this: you spent somewhere around two months making arrangements, planning, shopping, and preparing for the holiday season, and within a few days it is gone. The lights are put away, the decorations, the cheer you get from strangers, and now it’s back to real life.

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap this year and decide not to catch those January Blues.

There’s lots of ways to combat this, and if you didn’t think ahead, here are some after-the-holidays courses of action:

1. Don’t stop seeing your friends!

You spent the holidays surrounded by loved ones and may feel a little burned out, but all of that joy came from being around others, don’t avoid people all-together.

2. Assess your spending–realistically

You know you probably overspent: take a deep breath and know it’ll be ok. Pay what you can, and take it in stride. You’ll dig back out.

3. Take time to sleep.

If you feel your body needs it, do it. Give yourself permission not to be on parade.

4.  Talk.

Talk to your friends, your family, your co-workers. Chances are you’ve got some frustrations looming or coming back around. Talk about them and work them out before they get bigger than you.

5. Pay attention to your emotions.

If you feel yourself getting down, you might be. Don’t be afraid to talk to others and create a support system for yourself.


Remember, you are your best defense against the January Blues, so be aware and listen to what you need!

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