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What Kind of Health Problems Are You Creating For Yourself? Wellness Centers May Help

We have a society of bodies developed for hard work and labor, and a society of work designed for sitting and thinking. The disconnect between these two things might be causing what Daniel E. Liebermen shared with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air as mismatched diseases.

In this excerpt from the article, we learn just what the stress we add to our lives does:


On the way the stress we experience today is different from Paleolithic stress

Stress creates this vicious cycle, this positive feedback loop. When you’re stressed you crave unhealthy foods, but when you’re stressed you also have a harder time sleeping, and when you have a harder time sleeping that elevates your levels of stress. It just sets off this chain reaction that keeps going on and on. Now normally, when we’re stressed, the stimulus that causes the stress should be a short-lived one; that’s what evolution predicted. … So a lion chases you, that’s a very stressful event, obviously, hopefully you managed to run away from the lion … life goes on. But much of the stress we create today results from social conditions. If you think about the most stressful things we experience, they’re often our lives — they’re our jobs, our commutes, not having enough money, the list goes on. Those, of course, elicit chronic levels of stress. And when stress becomes chronic, then it helps feed a variety of mismatch diseases that make us ill, that make us depressed, that make us anxious, that make us overweight, which causes more stress and then keeps the cycle going. (Gross, Terry. NPR Radio, “Fresh Air”. How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle to Stay Healthy In Modern Times (10/1/2013).


The interview, which aired on September 30, 2013, goes on to talk about how the hunter-gatherer and natural selection play into our bodies roles now. We are creating back issues, dieting problems, and other diseases for ourselves by the way that we live.


Stepping back a second may mean that you reset yourself a little bit. Consider seeking out alternatives to current day medicine. Wellness centers offer several different options for you to be able to help begin the healing process for yourself.


So, what do you think? Do you believe we should go back to a paleo lifestyle or find a better way to make our bodies fit into today’s lifestyle?






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