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What Snacks Do You Have Readily Accessible?

When it comes to snacking throughout the day, we can all be victim to it. Sometimes cravings hit and you want to satiate them. Why not combat them by preparing yourself to beat the sugar craving before it begins?

Putting out and keepingĀ out fresh fruits and vegetables makes grabbing a better, alternative snack so much easier. Not only is it the convenient snack, but it puts a message into your brain that those are the things you want to eat or have access to.

What kind of snacks or food items are visible to your children?

Do you have fruits and vegetables at eye level? Or do you not allow them access to food? How about in the refrigerator? Are the items your child sees when the fridge is open healthy choices? Or is it junk food. Creating a visually healthy environment can have a lasting effect on your thoughts about food and have lasting effects on the psychological state of your children’s approach to food and snacking.

So, take an inventory of your house, your office, your frequent hang-outs; what do you see? How do you see healthy choices displayed? Keep the ice cream cone at Dairy Queen and the fruits and veggies in your space.

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