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Children and Chiropratic Care

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” ~ Buddy Ebsen

Those few words do more to describe why your children should be under chiropractic care than any other statement we could make. From the moment of birth our bodies are subjected to tremendous stress. Let’s face it, the birth process itself is incredibly stressful on both mother and child, the newborn neck must be bent one way then another just to pass through the birth canal. Infants delivered via C-section often experience even greater birth trauma. This leaves many infants with a subluxation, or spinal misalignment, which, if left untreated, can lead to deformities and pinched nerves. These conditions lead to other problems that may not be evident to the parent.

There are case studies that show that back pain is a condition found in children more than we ever realized. As many as 30% of children ages 12 to 15 years old report a history of back pain. Another study found that almost 23% of elementary school children complained of back pain and until recently your family doctor would have attributed it to growing pains.

Scoliosis is another reason you should have your child examined by your chiropractor. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. If you look at your child’s back, his or her spine should be almost perfectly straight up and down, with no side to side curvature. If this condition is not detected early on, your child may end up with a serious deformity. Scoliosis can be treated by your chiropractor but it is very important that scoliosis is detected and treated before the growth spurt period of your child’s life. While we know that children grow in different ways, it is important that your child should be examined by your chiropractor as soon as possible.

Besides the two more obvious reasons mentioned above, we also treat children for asthma and allergies, ear infections, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, colic, bed-wetting and more. Ask us for a brochure or ask Dr. Ranae during your adjustment for more information.

Some parents worry that an adjustment on their child might be too rough or that the adjustment may hurt. On the contrary, the amount of force used by our doctors on a child is substantially less, and sometimes children are adjusted on the comfort of their parent’s lap. The wonderful thing about children is that they respond quickly to treatments.

So what is this all leading to? Simply that we don’t think twice about taking our children to the dentist regularly, so do the same for chiropractic visits. In our office we try to make it fun and enjoyable for your children while maintaining the highest standards. We think you will be surprised by the results, and we feel that you and your child will enjoy the loving care Dr. Ranae will give.

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