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Give Yourself a Treat and Not a Trick This Year

Can’t you just smell the Halloween Candy? It’s getting terribly close to everyone’s favorite candy-collecting night, and you’ve been elected to walk all the kids through the neighborhood. There is surely a nominal candy fee you are charging for your services, but why not give yourself an even bigger treat this year?



The first thing to think about is how much walking are you going to have to do? Chances are, a lot, and fast, if you’re going to get to all the best houses on the block.

Make sure you work out some walking shoes into that costume. Yes, the heels might be cute, and the clown shoes funny, but you’ve got ground to cover and candy waiting for those kiddos—-save the shoes for the big kids party. 



The next thing to consider is what is your costume made out of? Is it something that can easily be carried? Or are you walking around with a giant cardboard box on your head? Make sure you develop some support into that costume so you don’t cost your back any issues from walking around with a toilet strapped to your back.


After the kids have got their loot, there is inevitably going to be a candy sort–and lots of hunching over. Make candy stations for everyone, where thy can sit up and count, deposit candy into your pocket, and protect their posture from a night of tension.


When it’s all over, the kids are wearing off their sugar high, and you’ve stashed your share of their candy, consider scheduling an appointment for your chiropractic care. Think of it as a reward–and one that doesn’t need a reason, other than to care for yourself.


Seems to be that an appointment at a chiropractic wellness center is the best medicine after a week of candy, no sleep, and uncomfortable shoes!

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