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How To Stay Healthy WITHOUT A Flu Shot– Use Your BRAAAAAAAAINS!

We’ve reached our final portion of our series on flu vaccines!

By now, you’re aware of the contents of the average flu shot, all of which sound like the perfect ingredients to make a breed of zombies. (After all, it is Halloween…) You’re also aware of how ineffective treating symptoms only can be. In our last post, we showed how dramatically different age groups can react to vaccines. So what’s left to cover?

The Benefits of Natural Care!

We wouldn’t want to leave you with the impression that nothing can be done to keep you healthy during flu season. But that’s the key phrase: keep you healthy! Chiropractic thrives on keeping the body healthy all year round, rather than waiting for symptoms to develop or cold/allergy/flu season(s) to cycle around again. Why react to symptoms when you could be addressing the cause of symptoms in the first place?

For those that are reading this without much knowledge about chiropractic, the principles are staggeringly simple:

  • -a human body is designed to work properly
  • -life and too much stress creates weakness in the body, resulting in a misalignment of the bones that protect the spinal cord, which is how information is sent from the brain to the rest of the body
  • -that interference with the body’s natural ability to perform is called a subluxation
  • -by using simple, noninvasive adjustments specific to a person’s needs, those subluxations can be corrected
  • -with consistent chiropractic care (just like eating healthily, exercising, and sleeping well each and every day), these subluxations will no longer be a factor
  • -the body works correctly again, making the immune system naturally resistant to getting infected by viruses, strong enough to combat allergic reactions, and able to process bacteria that can cause colds

Conclusion? The human body is pretty amazing when it works correctly! If the spine stays in proper alignment, can you imagine how much you will eliminate the need for intervention with drugs, surgeries, and other drastic measures? Consider, too, that by taking preventative measures, you can save a ton of money that would ordinarily go to treating individual symptoms rather than addressing the needs of the entire body!

Something most people don’t consider is that the flu vaccine is pretty much useless for someone who has already developed the symptoms of influenza. Not true with chiropractic! Chiropractic won’t try to suppress the symptoms like fever, coughing, sneezing, and so on, because those symptoms are signs that your body is making an effort to remove that which does not belong. Instead, Dr. Ranae’s goal is to help your body recover faster by removing the subluxations that are taking up too much of your body’s energy to fix. That means you’ll have more energy to devote to bouncing back from your illness… all without ever having to combat the contents of a flu shot!

Beyond Dr. Ranae’s efforts to keep your spine in the best alignment possible, there are other avenues you can explore to stay healthy or even fight symptoms if they haven’t been caught quickly enough.

  • supplements, specifically Vitamin D and Omega 3 fish oils
  • acupuncture, which seeks to balance the whole body, mind, and spirit, addressing all aspects of true health
  • massage therapy, which will flush out stored toxins in muscle tissues, improve posture, and provide you with a sense of well being
  • homeopathic medicine, which allows you to naturally build resistance to foreign elements, thereby strengthening your immune system

If you notice, all of these methods of treatment are natural and time-tested, and can be safely used with or without symptoms and disease, just like chiropractic! These all enhance the efforts you make on your own with proper nutrition, regular exercise, and restful sleep. For more statistics on the safety of drugless methods versus medical methods, please read this study, specifically page 2, which breaks down the successes of both medical methods and natural methods like chiropractic when treating the Flu Epidemic of 1917-1918.

It’s Really That Easy?

Yes! Sometimes the easiest methods are the most effective. If you are an existing patient of ours, keep up with your regularly scheduled appointments; they’re workin’ for you! Be sure to share this information with your friends and family so they can benefit like you have. If you’re not an existing patient of ours… then what are you waiting for!? We are always happy to help new patients begin accessing their full potential!


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