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Ladies: What Are We Doing to Ourselves?!

It’s no surprise that women put themselves through a lot to meet Western standards of beauty. There is a constant increase in pressure for women to look better, be thinner, and have higher heels than the woman next to her. But we have to stop; the life-long injury we are causing ourselves can be dramatic, and end up costing us an immeasurable amount in medical expenses.

The Washington Post recently posted this infographic:

SOURCE: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Apparel & Footwear Association, American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society, Mayo Clinic, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, “Women’s Shoes and Knee Osteoarthritis,” by D. Casey Kerrigan, Jenn.



How do we stop this? How do we combat the constant call from society to change who we are? 

Here, in Fort Collins, and even in most of Colorado, we have a different standard of beauty, one that’s based on health and happiness. So begin your path to self-confidence and wellness by adding just a few basic remedies into your life:

  1. Receive a chiropractic adjustment: If you find yourself fated to wear heels, be sure to visit a chiropractic wellness center on a regular basis. It would behoove you to visit a Fort Collins Chiropractic center if possible.
  2. Find a few minutes for yourself, every day: Take a few minutes just to touch in with where you’re at, it’s OK if it’s a melancholy or thriving day….embrace where you are at and understand your base of emotions.
  3. Get rid of the mirror: Take down all the mirrors in your house, for one week. See what happens.
  4. Say yes, and no: Say yes to the things you want to do and no to the things you don’t. Honestly. You’d be surprised to see what sticking up for yourself does.
  5. Be who you are: Does this need an explanation?




Taking care of both your physical and emotional needs is an important part of your daily life. You will find less of a need to strap on those towering heels if you can feel confident in something 4 inches lower.



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