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Looking For Health in All the Wrong Places

Have you ever lost your keys, misplaced your glasses or mislaid the TV remote? I’ll bet you tried to think back to the last time you had your keys, wore your glasses or used the remote, didn’t you?

Knowing where to look is the fastest way to find something. The same thing is true of recovering your health. We’re able to help so many people because we know where to look.

One of the key tenets of chiropractic is that health is our natural state. Health is normal. When someone isn’t healthy, our first inclination is to find out what could be interfering with this natural ability. Rather than focusing on the particular symptom, we look for what might be the underlying cause of the symptom.

Nine times out of ten, we find a disturbance in the controlling or regulating impulses of the nervous system. When communications between the brain and the body are impaired, this situation can produce a myriad of conditions that go by thousands of different names.

The most common source of compromise in brain/body communication is from the moving bones of the spine. Individual segments covering the information superhighway of your nervous system can “lock up” and stress nearby nerves. Or more precisely, vertebral subluxation.

Headaches? Look to the spine.

Acid reflux? Look to the spine.

Inflamed tonsils? Look to the spine.

Asthma? Look to the spine.

Carpal tunnel syndrome? Look to the spine.

Irritable bowel? You get the idea.

Does that mean chiropractic can cure everything? Of course not. But to regain your health, it’s a great place to start looking!

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