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Points For Good Posture

Sit up straight, chin up, chest out/shoulders back….. ever heard any of those sage words of wisdom? Chances are you have and chances are even greater that the person telling you to follow those orders was slouched over with their head down and their shoulders rolled forward!

Posture is more than a tag phrase thrown around by well-intentioned authority figures. It is an essential part of living a fully functional and well life. Ever seen a house with a saggy foundation on one corner, or a badly rotted sill? Doesn’t look good or age well, does it? In fact when you look inside, you see windows that don’t open and close, doors that stick, and floors that are un-level, and eventually the exterior begins to deteriorate as well.

The same goes for the body; however, in the body there are more important considerations than the structure to be concerned with. For instance, when your spine is out of “alignment” or balance, the nervous system immediately tries to correct it through muscle contraction, joint fixation and/or hyper mobility, circulatory changes, and eventually chronic scar tissue development. This is just the effect on the bones and muscles. What about the organs and glands?

Question: Can a lack of proper posture affect your heart, your digestion, your thyroid gland, or any and all other tissues in the body?


Question: Would you know if you had “bad” posture that was affecting your health?

Answer: Probably not!

Question: How would I know if I had “Bad” posture?

Answer: Seek the advice of an expert in the proper balance and structure of the spinal column and nervous system… a chiropractor!

As a chiropractic office, the most common postural issues we see are:

  • -forward head posture
  • -hyper kyphosis
  • -hip/shoulder/ear height imbalances

All of these issues stem from the body’s natural and proper attempts to adapt to gravity, and all can be corrected if detected before permanent structural damage is done (usually in the form of degenerative arthritis or, better put, wear-and-tear arthritis).

The best advice: get checked as soon as possible by Dr. Ranae for spinal and nervous system imbalance, and then follow the appropriate corrective measures to get your spine, nervous system, and muscular system to a place of balance and integrity.

Once you have done this, it will be easy to maintain; your health and future well-being will be a blank canvas on which you can paint a masterpiece!

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