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Reaction or Prevention? Where Do You Want Your Money To Go?

With the economy stuck in a rut and with no end of that rut in sight, people have a tighter, almost vice-like, grip on their finances. Understandable; when money is tight, you want that dollar to stretch like a contortionist!

When finances are restricted, where do you want your money to go to keep good health? Let’s look at the differences:

Conventional Treatments:

  • -usually part of a bureaucracy that involves HMOs and private insurance companies that influence the cost of treatments and sometimes even dictate what treatments are allowed (without understanding what they are or their effects)
  • -primarily focus on treating symptoms rather than addressing the cause, effectively keeping you unhealthy (think of weeding a garden, but only pulling the weed and not getting the roots… that weed will come back every time)
  • -tend to involve tools/drugs/procedures that have damaging short term and/or long term side effects, which, over time, often lead to increased and/or different illnesses
Alternative Treatments:
  • -can work with insurance companies, yet prefer to keep in-office fees low by working with patients directly with Time of Service rates
  • -look at the body as a whole functioning unit, meaning that rather than react to individual symptoms, treatments center on the overall function of the entire body, addressing multiple symptoms with fewer visits and effectively preventing problems before they occur
  • -tend to involve simple and non-invasive methods that restore the body’s natural regenerative abilities, avoiding side effects by only treating what’s causing the interference that is generating a dis-ease (“Do not use a cannon to kill a mosquito.” –Confucius)

Now the really important statistic…

Conventional treatments cost an annual average of 89% more than Alternative treatments!

The US has the highest costs for prescription drugs in the world. Combine that with incorrect or over-diagnosing diseases like Autism, ADHD, breast cancer, and much more, and the system is revealed for the big swirling whirlpool of cash that it’s become.

We’re spending an average of $307 billion for Conventional treatments verses $34 billion on Alternative treatments!

Does that seem like a cost-effective use of our national income?

Think of how much money we’d save by investing more of our attention on preventative measures which, though they may not receive the same sensationalized media attention as their more common counterparts, are safe and effective, and would give us greater flexibility in both our personal and national expenses– it might be easier to address larger problems when the majority of our society isn’t constantly fighting diseases!

It’s your money, after all; spend it wisely!

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