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What Are You Coping With?

Tolerance is something generally regarded to be a positive thing. Intolerance against another person’s race, gender, creed, or belief is something that is frowned upon in modern society, and with good reason. We try to teach our children to respect others as they would like to be respected in order to make them good people.

That being said, tolerance is not something that is always healthy. There are many things that we tolerate as a matter of course in a day that don’t have anything to do with the above mentioned traits; things like noisy neighbors, gossipy co-workers, pushy relatives, and the list goes on. Being a strong assertive person might not always cause you to gain friends, but do you really want to be friends with the guy in the copy room who talks behind everyone’s back?

There are also things about ourselves that we tolerate. The best example that I can think of is headaches. I have met so many people who have complained about headaches, but when I ask them about it they shrug and say “it’s just a normal headache.” They have become tolerant of their headaches. They don’t like them, but they put up with them because they don’t know life without them. There is no such thing as a normal headache, my friends. If you have a headache there is a reason for it. Your body is not putting you through misery for no reason. How about that achy sore back that keeps you stiff and makes it difficult to get your socks and shoes on in the morning? You guessed it; not normal either. Think taking Tums on a daily basis is normal? Absolutely not!

These are some of the common health issues that many people learn to tolerate, and I would like to give you permission to STOP TOLERATING them and do something to rid your life of these issues forever. I believe you can take a stand, give up on unnecessary issues that take away from the quality of your life, and banish these tolerations once and for all. One way that you can address personal tolerances is by visiting our office for chiropractic care. Dr. Ranae deals with these types of problems on a daily basis, and knows the best way to treat them without putting anything into the body or taking anything out of the body. Soon you won’t believe that you ever put up with so-called “normal” aches and pains!


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