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Why Flu Symptoms Can Bumfuzzle Even The Best Of Us

Symptoms of any sort behave just like the Worst Party Guests Ever— they’re the last things to show up, the first things to split, and they leave your place a mess.

In this part of our ongoing series of information about influenza and vaccinations, we’ll discuss the difference in the approaches used by Medical Doctors when treating flu symptoms and those used by Chiropractic/Naturopathic Doctors when strengthening the immune system overall.

Medical Approach:

“Take two of these and call me in the morning.”

As we’ve said many times, Medical Doctors are trained to use medications and surgeries as their forms of treatment. That’s a good thing– you wouldn’t want to see an MD that was trying to do something outside of their field. Here’s the sticking point: as a modern society, we’ve been trained to wait for as long as possible before addressing our problems. We’ve been conditioned to react rather than prevent. This results in a poor relationship with our health care resources, our own bodies, and even our future generations, who will by default inherit our bad habits and their consequences.

When we apply this behavior to the symptoms of influenza, we see some room for error. Room for error so large, a Mac Truck could drive through it quite comfortably. If we use the “wait and see” medical approach during flu season, it’s already too late. Waiting for symptoms to appear (symptoms that are so general at first that they could be the result of hundreds of other diseases) means that the flu virus has already infected your body. Symptoms are actually a sign of GOOD health, because they’re your body’s response to something that doesn’t belong in it. Without reacting to foreign elements, your body would keep that contaminant in there, causing more harm. A symptom is your body’s process of removing what isn’t needed. If you’re masking or suppressing those symptoms, then what good are you really doing your body?

When it comes to the flu, the most common symptoms could be indicators of almost anything. (Note: you do not need to experience all of these symptoms to have the flu)

  • fever
  • chills
  • sore, achy feeling
  • cough/sore throat
  • fatigue
  • runny nose
  • loss of appetite

If we go by the accepted medical approach, reacting to the symptoms only, your disease could be anything from the common cold to the flu… to an allergic reaction… to sleep deprivation… to food poisoning… to Celiac disease… to leukemia, yes, leukemia. The most common symptoms in the world (like the 7 mentioned above) are favorites of any thousand known diseases, meaning they’re not exclusive to influenza. So, if you’re getting a flu shot based on the fact that you’re feeling run down, you have a slight fever, and your throat is sore, you might be treating the flu… or you might be getting a shot that ends up lowering your defenses because you now have to react to the contents of the shot when instead, you should be changing your diet to eliminate all traces of gluten (Celiac), or you really need to allow yourself to sleep (chronic fatigue).

Because science is constantly being updated to suit new levels of understanding and new technology associated with it, there is often a large gap between what is “understood” and what is “accepted”. In a technologically saturated time like ours, one would think that would help clear up the confusion, but that isn’t always the case:

  • The medical community was attempting to discredit the foundations of and science behind chiropractic since it’s discovery in 1895. After the Supreme Court ruled that the validity of chiropractic made the medical community’s claims irrelevant, much of the disinformation campaign was put to rest. However, the medical community had smeared the name of chiropractic for so long that their claims are still accepted by many that don’t have current information (this is changing– even Dr. Oz is talking about chiropractic!)
  • The medical community uses products to address ailments, meaning that in the grand scheme of things, your health is determined by the products they can sell that will generate them profit, and is not necessarily dependent on the skills and abilities of those administering them
  • Because they have tremendous amounts of money at their disposal, they can pay for advertising to sell a new drug, meaning their influence is surrounding you all the time
  • 24-hour media coverage accelerates public panic when adverse reactions occur because the cause of this reaction isn’t always immediately clear
  • The public at large tend to react incorrectly, assuming their symptoms are caused by the flu when in fact, it could be any number of things
  • The public at large becomes more unhealthy because they’re now suffering from more symptoms caused by drugs they didn’t need in the first place
  • … and the cycle starts all over again!

Chiropractic Approach:

Prevention is key! As a chiropractor, Dr. Ranae’s first priority is to maintain the good health your body produces all by itself by eliminating the interference that prevents it from working the way it can. This approach applies to much more than influenza, but rather all diseases and symptoms; it’s easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem and all the concerns that come with leaving it untreated to the point that medication and surgery are being considered as “relief”.

During flu season, chiropractic will benefit you because it is working directly with your nervous system, thereby keeping you strong and able to fight off the flu virus. Rather than injecting your body with a vaccine that can cause more damage than good, Dr. Ranae works with your body’s own defense mechanism– the immune system– and removes the stress placed on your body from any vertebrae that are slightly out of alignment, interfering with the flow of information from your brain to your body. When your nervous system is working at its peak, you can naturally fight the flu if you do catch it OR prevent getting it altogether. Access To Health has more resources for preventing and fighting the flu, as we work closely with two naturopathic doctors that have great success with other homeopathic treatments for symptoms that can appear if seeing us for your chiropractic care hasn’t been as consistent as needed to keep your immune system intact.

Celebrate the Month!

October is National Chiropractic Month, so be sure to celebrate your new found awareness of this effective form of preventative health care, and schedule your New Patient Exam today!

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