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You Are Wonderful!

If you’re already benefiting from chiropractic care, send this along to all your friends and family:

Start your new year with this in mind:

  1. Your entire life started off (for about 30 minutes) as one cell, after fertilization has occurred, but before reproduction begins
  2. Your eyes have been the same size (not necessarily the same color) since birth, while every other portion of your body has changed as time has passed
  3. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents, many of which are associated with memories and emotions
  4. Your liver is capable of around 500 different functions, including the production of bile and detoxification
  5. Your arms, spread straight out in a T shape (your wingspan) is the same measurement as your height
  6. Your thigh bones are stronger than concrete and steel
  7. Your body completely regenerates itself once every 7 years, replacing every cell that makes up your bones, your blood, your organs, your muscles, and your mind–                                                how many regenerations have you completed?

… and most importantly, all you need to make your body do all this is the best possible nerve function!

Innate Intelligence

Your brain and nervous system influence every ounce of your body, every impulse and action, every everything! The human species has survived and even thrived for thousands of years, through plague, natural disasters, and the creation of the Twinkie. It has done so without needing to drown itself in an ocean of pills; if humans truly needed pharmaceuticals to survive, we’d have died out a long time ago. It has done so without treadmills, “super foods”, genetically-modified crops, and Zumba class. The human body, like every other living organism on this planet, has within it the capacity to function properly… if only we’d get out of its way and just let it! This doesn’t mean you can get away with not eating good food, exercising right, and getting quality rest every day– it means that if you are using your body the way it was intended to be used, then you’re preventing a myriad of problems in the future, all without needing to resort to drastic and ineffective measures.

The biggest difference between chiropractic doctors and pretty much every other mainstream professional in the health care industry is the approach to treatment of diseases. So much of the commercial, promoted, hyper-advertised part of “health care” relies on the product they’re selling and not the body you’re using.

“Food” Producers: “Why yes, you can consume nothing but Lean Cuisines and zero-calorie Vitamin Water and be healthy… provided you enjoy developing more severe health risks in the future because you spent all your time and money avoiding at all costs the intake of anything anywhere close to real food. After all, calories were made by the devil, as were proteins, fats, and carbs… never mind the fact that the human body uses calories as fuel, and is comprised of proteins, fats, and carbs… so ignore the buttload of artificial chemicals and additives we’ve thrown in to make the wood pulp and and glass you’re really eating resemble food!

Exercise Industries: “Oh, you’re not fat! You’ve just been barely living as a human because you’re not using The Terrific Total Toner!… which happens to be available for 7 easy payments of $49.99. It does all the work for you! It makes you lean and pretty and happy just by looking at it! Hey, even if you just spend 5 minutes a day thinking about using it, you’ll see inches disappear from your waistline! But… you know… be careful when you get this thing in the mail and have to set it up, because that requires… well, using muscles… and we don’t in any way advocate using muscles because that feels like exercise, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we?!”

Pharmaceutical Companies: “Why eat good food and move your body when you could be taking this magic pill? It will regrow hair exactly where you want it to grow in the color you want, shrink the bum you can’t get rid of by eating only “healthy” microwave dinners and keeping your high-priced piece of miraculous exercise equipment in the closet, whiten your teeth, prevent any cold or flu ever, get rid of your acne, and make you taller. By the way, some of the side effects include excessive gas and bloating, nausea, acid reflux, joint inflammation, bone loss, depression and/or thoughts of suicide, blindness, an increased urge to gamble, itching, and death… but you should take it anyway…”

So What Makes Chiropractic Different?

Chiropractic will probably never become the hottest celebrity-endorsed craze. Chiropractic will probably never appear as a late-night infomercial with an enthusiastic spokesperson and a seizure-inducing graphic blitz. Chiropractic is not glamorous or as dramatic as an episode of “ER” or “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Chiropractic IS, however, the most effective method of removing stress placed on your nervous system.

Life is complicated, and results in patterns and situations that create unnecessary stress for our spines to handle. The spine that was built to protect the flow of information throughout our bodies then becomes that flow’s primary source of interruption. If left unchecked, that interruption will result in an organ/process/structure that must work incorrectly… in a state of dis-ease.

Chiropractic’s focus is the health of the entire body and its natural ability to heal and regenerate. That health is achieved by correcting those spinal imbalances (subluxations) with gentle and consistent adjustments; nothing foreign goes into the body, and nothing is extracted from the body. There are no side effects, no contaminants, no food dyes or artificial sweeteners, no flashy bells-n-whistles pieces of equipment. It’s just (quite literally) turning your power on!

Why waste your time and money reacting to what happens after your body has been neglected? Why not save yourself all that hassle and prevent those problems?!

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