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Patient Appreciation Week, September 11 – 15

August 28th, 2017

Back to School Supply Drive benefiting Olander Elementary School

July 17th, 2017

Alkaline/Acid Food List

June 16th, 2016

Week 2 – Staying healthy during the Holidays

November 24th, 2014

Access to Health – Video Tips on Staying Healthy Though the Holidays. Week 1

November 13th, 2014

What Snacks Do You Have Readily Accessible?

April 19th, 2014

Time to talk Omegas

April 1st, 2014

A Year Ahead in Fort Collins Health

January 31st, 2014

January Blues

January 4th, 2014

Ring in the New Year with the Right Resolution

December 31st, 2013

Keep Your Knees Healthy when Running in Northern Colorado

December 20th, 2013

Wake Up With a Little Bombshell

December 9th, 2013

Natural Headache Remedies

November 30th, 2013

Give Yourself a New Goal This Holiday Season with a Little Help from Your Northern Colorado Chiropractor!

November 19th, 2013

Employee Wellness Programs, How do They Affect You?

November 11th, 2013

Give Yourself a Treat and Not a Trick This Year

October 14th, 2013

What Kind of Health Problems Are You Creating For Yourself? Wellness Centers May Help

October 1st, 2013

Ladies: What Are We Doing to Ourselves?!

September 22nd, 2013

How to Keep Your Fitness Routine Active During Inclement Weather

September 18th, 2013

Is Your Doctor Ignoring Your Back Pain? Fort Collins Chiropractors Might be the Answer

September 17th, 2013

Chiropractic Treatment in Fort Collins

February 11th, 2013

Alkaline & Acidic Food List

October 10th, 2012

A Daily Dose of Levity

July 17th, 2012

No Pain No Gain—Listening to What Your Body Is Telling You

June 27th, 2012

Cholesterol, Statins, and Chiropractic

May 2nd, 2012

Go Ahead! Laugh A Little!

April 17th, 2012

Understanding Arthritis

February 24th, 2012

Reaction or Prevention? Where Do You Want Your Money To Go?

February 15th, 2012

Heart-Healthy Snacks

February 10th, 2012

Points For Good Posture

February 2nd, 2012

What Are You Coping With?

January 26th, 2012

The Power to Choose

January 16th, 2012

You Are Wonderful!

January 11th, 2012

Are the Holidays Eating at You All Year Round?

January 4th, 2012

Time Is On Your Side in 2012

December 22nd, 2011

Attitude Determines Altitude*

December 12th, 2011

An Apple A Day*

December 5th, 2011

Our Holiday Promo– Realities For Children, Inc.

November 30th, 2011

We’re Giving Thanks By Giving Back

November 16th, 2011

How To Stay Healthy WITHOUT A Flu Shot– Use Your BRAAAAAAAAINS!

October 31st, 2011

Who Benefits From The Flu Shot?

October 21st, 2011

Why Flu Symptoms Can Bumfuzzle Even The Best Of Us

October 10th, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You’d Like Some Antifreeze In Your Body

September 23rd, 2011

Friends & Family Week!

September 12th, 2011

Friends & Family Week!

September 7th, 2011


August 22nd, 2011

This Shirt Is Plaid With A Butterfly Collar!

August 10th, 2011

Staying Hydrated

August 1st, 2011

Positive Thinking

July 20th, 2011

Happiness Is Not A Riddle

July 13th, 2011

The Safety of Water

July 8th, 2011


June 8th, 2011

Ladies’ Night Out

May 17th, 2011

The Easiest Way to Earn a Massage… Ever!

May 10th, 2011

A How-To for Video Testimonials

April 19th, 2011

Go Forth and Garden

March 30th, 2011

Age and the Spine

March 16th, 2011


March 2nd, 2011


February 16th, 2011

Setting Your Kids Up For Success

February 10th, 2011

Exercise and the Spine

February 2nd, 2011

The Necessity of Sleep

January 26th, 2011

Omega-3s and Why They’re Incredible

January 19th, 2011

If We Are What We Eat…

January 12th, 2011

Why Children Need Chiropractic Care

January 5th, 2011

How To Make A New Year’s Resolution ACTUALLY Work

December 31st, 2010

Vitamin D

December 21st, 2010

Using Your Kitchen Right

December 15th, 2010

Benefiting Your Health and Our Community

December 10th, 2010

Weight Loss Made Easier With Chiropractic

December 3rd, 2010

Managing Holiday Stress

November 22nd, 2010

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

November 5th, 2010

Looking For Health in All the Wrong Places

October 27th, 2010

Avoid the Flu (shot) with Vitamin D

October 18th, 2010

Is your child’s backpack making the grade?

August 18th, 2010

Children and Chiropratic Care

July 19th, 2010
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