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Do You Have Weather-Induced Pain?

There are many people who make statements like:

” I can feel the rain coming”


“Tomorrow afternoon, at 2pm, my hip says its going to snow”. 

While these appear as sometimes comedic predictions, the truth is that barometric pressure, cold, and other physical factors in the weather world really do affect how we feel. Whether it be stiff joints, achy muscles, stress on the body due to weather-related events, or even having to trudge through deep snow (lifting your knees higher, working through, etc) can all have a physical toll on the body. has created a guide not only to anticipate those aches and pains (so you can prepare yourself and start preventative measures) but also as a way to get out and be active.

weather Aches and Pains Map

So, look up your region, find out if you will be affected, and get active!

When you prepare yourself for what’s coming you can be ready to take on anything. Other preventative and ongoing options to keep you feeling better include regular check-ups, chiropractic visits, and keeping in tune with your body’s needs. You know what your body is saying, so listen to it.


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