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Is Your Doctor Ignoring Your Back Pain? Fort Collins Chiropractors Might be the Answer

In this recent NPR article  the questions have been asked– what are doctors doing about back pain? It appears that doctors are doing more to appease their patients complaints rather than actually helping them. But why? We visit a doctor because we have ailments and want them to be addressed, but as the article tells us, that’s just the opposite from what’s happening. It’s become a game of how to make someone feel better mentally as opposed to physically.

It’s up to the consumer to seek out solutions for their pain in other places, and one of those places that people have found is Fort Collins chiropractors. Chiropractic work can be an alternative to using medication and drugs that you may not want to otherwise inundate your system with. In a world that seems to be compromised by prescription drugs, what better way to deal with pain and discomfort than by correcting the problem from a physical standpoint?

Chiropractic methods can vary, depending on the training and education your chiropractor has received. Often, you will see infusions that involve Chinese medicine, Yoga practices, Acupuncture, and other holistic options that may enhance your treatments. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to understand the practices and methods your doctor uses and understand how they effect your body. In the same way that the article above pointed out, it is up to the consumer to determine their course of treatment. A doctor may simply order and MRI and lots of pain-killers, because that pleases the masses, but it is up to you to say yes or no; to seek out different methods of treatment and request the fix you need.

Fort Collins chiropractors are listening, and ready to build a treatment plan with you, for you, and customized to you. This is the approach we should take to fixing any ailment or issue in our life–one of partnership, open communication, and flexibility. You have to find the right treatment option for yourself–relying on your own experience and wisdom to say “Yes, this works for me”, or “No, this is not going to be the answer”. We all hold the key to our own treatment path, and that begins by using our own voice to say what we want and don’t want.




Shute, Nancy. “Doctor’s Increasingly Ignore Evidence in Treating Back Pain”. July 31, 2013. NPR Shots: Health News From NPR. (9.17.2013).



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