16 Jun

Alkaline/Acid Food List

Alkaline Food List

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09 Oct

No more rescue inhalers or trips to the ER!

Jan came to us after seeing many other Chiropractors.  While she did find some relief, it was after seeing Dr. Ranae she felt the most benefit.  Just watch!

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10 Oct

Alkaline & Acidic Food List

Just that simple…

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21 Dec

Staying Pain Free in Fort Collins – Brandon B

Brandon is an active owner and proprietor of a successful bar in Fort Collins, and has worked out at a local gym regularly, but when he had a minor accident while working out, he knew to get it checked out … Continue reading

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30 Sep

Quality of Life in Fort Collins – Naomi L

Naomi was referred by her daughter to our office 4 years ago, and has become a testament to how chiropractic care can preserve and improve your health at any age! After trying another chiropractic office without great results, she found … Continue reading

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01 Sep

Headaches & Back Pain in Fort Collins – Aaron H

Aaron Talks about the relief he has gotten from his headaches and back pain from his Fort Collins Chiropractor, Dr Ranae Beard.  He’d been having regular headaches and lower back pain associated with his job, and wasn’t experiencing relief from … Continue reading

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28 Jun

Sports Injury in Fort Collins – Jacob T

Jacob started his care with us over the winter months. After being in a nasty cycling accident, he thought he had recovered, but kept noticing pain in one side of his back and all around his neck. Not thinking the … Continue reading

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14 Jun

Auto Accident in Fort Collins – Devin H

At 23, Devin has been through a lot; he’s had sports injuries, car accidents, and is a proud cancer survivor. While his first experience with chiropractic wasn’t successful, he was willing to try again on the advice of his friend, … Continue reading

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01 Jun

Pregnancy and Chiropractic in Fort Collins – Tara and Justin S

Our first Couples’ Testimonial is quite sweet. Justin started coming to us first. He was like most people, working at a desk and feeling run down and sore all the time. When he had tried chiropractic in the past, he … Continue reading

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05 Apr

Back Injury in Fort Collins – Jacob B

Have you ever missed work because of a back injury or recurring back pain? Are you fed up masking symptoms with pain medications and muscle relaxants? Jacob was, and when he started his care, he was in bad shape. Watch … Continue reading

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