Pregnancy will place different stresses on a female body during its 9 month course. It is common for one or more of the following symptoms to occur during even the healthiest of pregnancies: back pain, morning sickness, dizziness, heartburn, and nausea.


Even though a woman’s body is designed for safe pregnancies, if there were pre-existing misalignments or subluxations in the spine before conception, pregnancy can be much more difficult, especially since the body will be adding additional healthy weight almost exclusively around the abdomen, which places greater stress on the low back and thoracolumbar spine. The thoracolumbar spine influences the nerves that control organs and muscles responsible for many of the early pregnancy symptoms we’ve mentioned.


Many pregnant mothers are more cautious about their lifestyles during all three trimesters. For example, a new pregnancy makes many women quit bad habits like smoking, increase their physical activity, eat healthier foods, and adapt their sleep patterns to support both their own health and the health of their developing baby. Chiropractic care is becoming an essential part of maintaining healthy pregnancies.

Dr. Ranae Beard is an experienced Prenatal Chiropractor, is trained in the Webster Technique, and will use modified techniques and tools to deliver the safest and most effective adjustment.

By maintaining good spinal health during a pregnancy, not only do symptoms decrease, but the processes of labor and delivery are eased from a lack of exaggerated pressure on low back muscles. Regular chiropractic care has even proven to allow the greatest amount of space in the pelvis for the baby’s full development, and can also prevent the need for C-sections and induced labor as the baby is far less likely to breach.

For those that are trying to get pregnant, or have had difficult pregnancies or even miscarriages before, you too can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Oftentimes, the subluxations in the thoracolumbar spine can make it difficult for all organs needed to produce a successful pregnancy to work the way they’re supposed to. In multiple studies, chiropractic has shown to be an effective form of reducing strain on nerves that control the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and menstrual cycles.

Nutrition is another key component to achieving a successful and healthy pregnancy. Perhaps an average body weight is required before conception. By eating well and eliminating foods with limited nutritional content, you’re making it possible for your body to stay healthy enough to support a new life. Access To Health can offer nutrition counseling to ensure that those trying to get pregnant have a solid body chemistry that will support you for the length of your pregnancy.

Once your pregnancy is over and your beautiful healthy baby has entered the world, your regular chiropractic care can help your body recover faster and stay healthy, making it easier to care for your newborn.

Chiropractic is even safe for infants— you can continue to give your baby the best health possible, now outside of the womb!