Degenerative disc disease is a medical term that refers to the anatomical changes of the spinal segments that occur from the degeneration or osteoarthritis. These changes many also be the result of injuries, aging, and the effects of gravity.

Although many people have no symptoms of degenerative disc disease for a long time, its’s likely that as the condition advances, there will be a pain.  DDD is much like a cavity that starts in a tooth without any noticeable discomfort until it has advanced considerably.  Chiropractic care is an excellent way to maintain your health as you age.

Relief from Degenerative Disc Disease

Unfortunately, disc degeneration cannot be reversed, and serious chronic cases of disc degeneration disease may require surgical intervention.  At Access To Health, Dr. Ranae Beard can help relieve the pain that accompanies degenerative disc disease and keep your spine flexible and functioning.

Don’t let DDD take control of your active lifestyle. Keep in mind that chiropractic visits are important even when you don’t have any symptoms.  Our chiropractor can catch problems that you may not realize are there and stave off future problems.

Be Proactive!

Call Dr. Ranae Beard today at (970) 530-0981 in our Fort Collins office for an evaluation.  She will determine the best course of treatment for you to avoid premature degenerative disc disease.

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