Throughout the years, the interpretations and definitions of health have changed or been distorted and confused. Chiropractic looks at health in a much different light. Chiropractic realizes that a symptom, ache or pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is happening. Much like a car, with its indicator lights that tell the driver if the oil is low or the temperature is too high, your body reacts in the same manner through symptoms. Chiropractic listens to these signals and works with the body, not to turn them off, but rather to find their cause and to correct any interference to the body’s own healing process. Chiropractic also recognizes that the body’s different signs and symptoms do not mean the body is in ill health. For example, when the body is fighting a virus, the innate response of the body is to create a fever to “burn out” the virus. Though the person with the fever does not feel good because of the aches, pains, chills and headaches, the fever is a sign of health within the body and shows that the body is trying to normalize itself.

Chiropractic looks at health not from a symptomatic viewpoint, but from a position that the body will express itself in many different ways to create a healthy posture. Chiropractic knows that the intelligence within your body understands how to heal you. Thus, when given the proper internal environment, your body will do the best job it can to create a healthy state of being.