f you have been on your phone a lot and you feel stiff or sore, you might have what we call “tech neck,” which is becoming a more common complaint of neck pain. Because many of us are on devices five or more hours a day, the incidence of tech neck is on the rise. Hunching over a smartphone, tablet or computer puts you into a posture that can stress your muscles and spine.

We know that tech neck can cause damage to the normal curve of the neck, which may result in arthritis, headaches, disc herniation, and potentially the loss of oxygen going to your muscles and brain since the leaned-over position decreases the space available for the chest cavity, resulting in less expansion of the lungs while breathing.

While a change in your posture and how you hold your electronic devices can help alleviate pain, getting regular chiropractic care will help keep the curve of your spine healthy to prevent further damage. Since using tech gadgets is part of our every day routines, Dr. Ranae Beard at Access to Health can give you tips and exercises that you can do to avoid “tech neck”

Give Access to Health in Fort Collins, CO a call at (970) 530-0981 and schedule an appointment today with our Chiropractor Dr. Ranae Beard to help avoid tech neck and the complications that come along with it!

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