Wendy is a working mother of two, and has not only been taking great care of her spine and nervous system with the help of our office, but has been bringing in her two daughters for regular care, helping them make their health high priorities. Wendy is a true enthusiast when it comes to chiropractic care– we had a great time trimming down her testimonial from 5 minutes to 1:30!


Robin is one of our most dedicated patients. A lifelong fan of chiropractic, she is an example of what can come from keeping up on regular care. After a car accident in 1990 that resulted in a severe neck injury, she was told she would need immediate surgery… and that it wouldn’t be a permanent fix! She would need more corrective surgery within the next few years! She chose to stick with chiropractic, since its focus IS THE HEALTH OF THE SPINE, and sure enough, she’s in great shape!


Jamie, who was quite an athlete growing up, had many injuries that were never addressed by a chiropractor. Because of some structural imbalances and a high-stress job in the hotel industry, she was having severe migraines for over 10 years! After trying another chiropractic office, she found us, and because she loves our staff, our diversity, and her results, she has been a loyal patient for the last 3 years!


Kurt came to us about one year ago after a mysterious injury. He was like most people at first– skeptical at how effective chiropractic could be, or if it was right for him. Now, he’s one of our most vocal supporters!


Jan came to us after seeing many other Chiropractors. While she did find some relief, it was after seeing Dr. Ranae she felt the most benefit. Just watch!